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Hi my name is Isabella. I am an Ambassador.  Hi my name is Grace and I am also an Ambassador. Today we are telling you all about our committee: Hugs for Haiti. The Compassion Mission we proposed last year is a year round Compassion Mission thar will continue into 2017 that any of you can be involved in in MANY WAYS. We help our good friend Mrs. Jeanette who is the Executive Director of Hearts With Haiti and Mr. Bill, the Director at the St. Joseph’s Home show love to our friends in Haiti.  Hearts With Haiti built a places called the The Trinity School, the St. Joseph’s Home and Wings of Hope.  We raise money throughout the year for them and send friendship cards to the children there too.

We make and sell homemade scarves, dresses, bracelets and necklaces all year  to raise money for them. We have been selling them all year round at meetings, in our driveways and anytime we can. Many Small Hand families were involved in making and selling these items and it was a lot of fun! You can join us too if you would like to make or sell them any time you want throughout the year!  Small Hands will provide all the supplies.  Many of us also write friendship notes to send back with the dresses and bracelets that people not only bought but then wanted us to send back to a child in Haiti. We just gave a big shipment to our friends Jeanette and Bill last week to take back to Haiti with them!  Free shipping is great!

In 2016, we have raised $100.27 just by selling these bracelets and dresses.  After Hurricane Matthew, we also have a Triangle Wide Garage Sale and our team chose to donate that money also to Hearts With Haiti. That day we made $110.75 for a total of $211.02 in 2016.  With the additional $200 End of the Year Compassion Donation Check we were able to raise a total of $411.02 in 2016 for our friends in Haiti in 2016~   We hope to beat that this year.  

We also meet and loom hats for babies in Haiti and collect supplies to help in delivering babies for the Hope for Haiti Foundation – The Midwife Project.  We love our friends in Haiti and want to continue helping them in 2017!  Join us!

Please join us! Email SHBHU on our CONTACT US page on the website if you would like to be on the team this year!

Thank you.

Ambassador Grace and Isabella