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We need YOU to VOLUNTEER, DONATE and WALK with us at Ambassador Skylar’s CFF 5k Walk on May 20th 2017!


As Skylar and her mom  always says, let’s make CF stand for CURE FOUND!  We need your help finding a Cure for CF.  Nearly every dollar raised goes to Cystic Fibrosis Research. This year Skylar’s Striders Team became a nationally ranked team! Congrats!  The goal is $10,000 so let’s help them reach this goal! Please consider joining the Skylar Striders Team!

Contact Jenn Davis through the SHBHU Contact page and she will tell you how to join any of the other Teams in other areas. If you are unable to join but would like to just donate to FIND A CURE, the link is attached below.  For a $10 donation you may purchase one of the AMAZING homemade Tye-Dyed  Team t-shirts below as well. . If you are not local and would still like to purchase a shirt we ask for your donation to also cover shipping. 


Link to join the team


Link to donate to Skylar’s Team


Link to donate to Wyatt’s Team (Skylar’s AMAZING brother)


Skylar’s Motto “For The Day I Can’t!” These are the words she lives by she tells people who ask her why she does what she does. She looks them in the eyes and says “I have to do things for the day I can’t!”

Please be a part of finding a Cure for CF and helping us hit our $10,000 goal.