We help children get involved in volunteering.

We do this through community partnerships and mentoring children on successfully pursuing charitable ideas.

Community Partnerships

Forming partnerships with organizations that may not traditionally allow child volunteers is one of the ways we help children get involved in volunteering. These partnerships allow us to have regularly standing missions that members can easily take part in. Examples of these include our work with Habitat for Humanity, Ronald McDonald House, Food Bank of North Carolina, and Oak City Outreach. For these missions, members can sign up and show up. An adult mentor or teen ambassador will orient attendees to the work they will be doing that day.

Causes Children Care About

In addition to ongoing work we do in the community, children also have other charitable interests they would like to support. At SHBHU we try to nurture that by holding monthly meetings and other events to achieve that goal.  At these meetings and events, children will take part in:

  1. Brainstorming Ways to Help
    What would you like to do to help the World? Brainstorming involves children vocalizing their interests and thinking about how they can make a difference. At the end of brainstorming, children will have one or multiple ideas that they can pursue.
  2. Planning
    How will you go about doing that? Planning involves writing down how you will go about achieving your idea.
  3. Fund Raising
    Often ideas, need donations of money from the community. Fund raising involves doing the work of helping bring in those donations. This has involved car washes, dog washes, and supporting initiatives like family fun nights and 5K fundraisers.
  4. Executing
    You have an idea. Now let’s make sure we see it to completion. Executing is the work of making sure you complete your mission.