Small Hands Big Hearts United

“Passing the Torch” Ambassador Committee

Triangle Youth 10-17 years of age

The “Passing the Torch” Ambassador Committee allows the older youth in SHBHU to make larger scale fundraisers and impacts locally and globally for causes they are specifically passionate about.  Ambassadors will independently and proactively utilize SHBHU as a resource to propose, organize and lead independent “Campaigns” throughout the year. This committee specifically supports the Ambassador’s independent initiative and is a key dimension to the SHBHU mission.  Ambassadors will acquire fundamental leadership, fundraising, and marketing skills. All the while, continuing their biggest impact in SHBHU as role models to the Small Handers.  The “Passing the Torch” Ambassador Committee will allow youth in the Triangle to make a difference and encourage their growth in becoming philanthropic and compassionate adults leading the world.  

Ambassador Directors COMMITMENT

All members 10-17 years of age are Ambassadors. However, a further and even more exciting commitment can be made as an Ambassador Director.  If you are interested you request an official contract to be sent to you and you must initial these 7 promises if you wish to be on the Leadership Team.  ">CONTACT SHBHU for an official contract to be send to you via email.  

  1. An Ambassador Director must support and truly believe in the SHBHU mission statement._____
  2. An Ambassador Directors must be 13 years or older and a registered member of SHBHU on the new website (all consents signed by parents and at least one parents screened by Verified Volunteer) *Please use the Angel Fund for financial assistance for the screen. That is why it is funded by our Sponsors. _____
  3. An Ambassador Director must be promise to be a Role Model and Mentor to the Small Handers at all times._____
  4. An Ambassador Director must register and attend Compassion Missions/ SHBHU Volunteer opps 4 X a year in 2017._____
  5. An Ambassador Director must attend a Compassion Meeting 2 X year in 2017._____
  6. An Ambassador Director must check the SHBHU website for updates 1 x week._____
  7. An Ambassador Director must maintain “check in” monthly with the Ambassador President and the Chair Parent of the Ambassador PTT committee._____
  8. An Ambassador Director must attend or lead a promotional table in the community 1x year.
  9. An Ambassador Director must join the ASANA communication platform upon becoming an Ambassador Director. More details to come.

All Ambassadors who would like to be an Ambassador Director must print out this document, review with your parents, sign, scan and send back to me if you agree and want to be an Ambassador Director. If you need to mail it you can mail to 214 Castle Hayne Dr Cary NC 27519.