Ambassador “Passing the Torch” Committee

Ambassador “Passing the Torch” Committee Mission
The SHBHU  “Ambassador Passing the Torch” Committee is made up of inspiring Ambassadors (10-17 years old)  throughout the Triangle.  These Ambassadors are a vital part of the SHBHU mission and fulfill the mission is a very special way.  They mentor and lead the Small Handers in every Compassion Mission throughout the year and also propose their own independent Anytime Activities / Fundraising Causes.  The SHBHU Ambassadors are wonderful examples of what it means to continue to show compassion as you grow older in order to create the next generation saturated with a philanthropic spirit.  The Ambassadors photograph and record events and hand out flyers and business cards to bring awareness from every medium possible.  SHBHU would not exist without these amazing Ambassadors.   

Any Ambassador who has a passionate fundraising cause or wants to make an impact on the world around them locally or globally can complete a proposal form found on the website.  Through the SHBHU  “PTT” program,  Ambassadors will work utilize SHBHU as informational, educational and financial resource to complete their fundraising goal.  Alongside the SHBHU PTT Leadership Committee and  Volunteer Lead Parents the will propose, organize and lead a fundraising or impact cause. The “Passing the Torch” program will empower the SHBHU Ambassador Teens to generate meaningful larger scale philanthropic impacts while also acquiring fundamental business, marketing and managing skills.

Ambassador Monthly Compassion Meetings
SHBHU organizes Monthly Compassion Meetings as another means of an accessible compassion missions in themselves.  Ambassadors will lead and organize their monthly meetings at the same location as the Small Handers to maintain accessibility for those families who have Small Handers and also Ambassadors.  We will try our best to hold every monthly meeting on the 4th Thursday from 6-7pm.  Location will depend on our In Kind Facility sponsor locations availability and also if we have a Volunteer Lead Parent with a child who has a designated topic, activity, fundraiser or impact they would like to present to the members.   There will always be a registered and screened Lead Parent designated for each meeting.  SHBHU is for the community, run by the community! So please let us know if you would like to help and be a Lead Parent at any monthly meeting.  

SHBHU SLACK Ambassador Communication Board
We presently have 40 amazing interested and inquiring compassionate AMBASSADORS.  The SHBHU families have requested a SAFE way for Small Handers, Ambassadors AND parents to brainstorm, organize and communicate with each other.  Therefore, we have initiated the SHBHU SLACK Communication Board. It is a web application where all members will have the option to subscribe.  In particular, this will be a FANTASTIC way for your Ambassador to also stay up to date and involved.  The Ambassador  will also be able to collaborate on this communication board as teams and update each other on any meetings and changes.  There are several Core Calendar events and independent Anytime Activities already being discussed on the Communication Board. So talk with your Ambassador today about completing the consent form on the website and being a part of this communication board.  We do have a consent form you can obtain and sign in order for your Ambassador to utilize SLACK independently.  We encourage your Ambassador to independently participate on this communication board, however, it is NOT mandatory.

Ambassador Drop Off Policy
SHBHU promotes family oriented Compassion Missions. Ambassadors, per parental consent, are able to attend events without a parent present.  There is a consent form in the registration process  for all parents of Ambassadors to sign if they are ever wanting to drop off their Ambassador to any event. Contact SHBHU if you are interested in having your Ambassador in this committee.