Read below on just ONE of the ways you can be part of the Hearts and Hugs Across Borders India Expansion Initiative in 2017!

Hi, my name is Safiya Alvi and I am 13 years old. I would like to help the people in India specifically with their sight. Not too long ago, me and my family went to India to visit some distant relatives and a couple years back, my family started an orphanage/school there. When I was interviewing one of the teachers, they mentioned how there are so many people with great potential but they don’t have the basics. So, I decided that we should do something to help all these people be the best they can be. I figured that one way we could help them is by donating old glasses or glasses frames. I know a lot of people have some just sitting around (I know I do) and those glasses can be very helpful to people who are denied such simple things. My family in India has found some local ophthalmologists there that can distribute the glasses once we get them collected and cleaned up. MyEyeDr has offered to help collect these glasses and I am very thankful to them. So I ask you to please donate any glasses/frames you have and ask others to do so as well so that we can help grant our friends in India proper eye wear. Thank you so much! If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at: or leave me a message at 919-200-2346

The optometrist company I am using is called MyEyeDr if you needed that for the website(s) and my contact is placing the boxes in MyEyeDr offices Drop Off Locations:

● 3214 Charles B. Root Wynd Suite 120

● 800 W Williams St. (Apex)

● 3603 Davis Drive (Morrisville)

● 8231 Brier Creek Pkwy

Please contact SHBHU for more information on THE CONTACT US page if you would like to be on Ambassador Director Safiya’s Team!