Dear SHBHU Families,

It’s Ambassador Isabella here!  President Safiya is off to New York now for college! We are so thankful for her impact she had on SHBHU and we wish her all the luck with her new chapter. Athough we will greatly miss her, we will be announcing the new leadership team soon!  If you are interested in helping out on the leadership team please contact us via the SHBHU website.

We have exciting updates on preasent and NEW volunteer opportunities!  We will be also looking into having our first in person Compassion Meeting at Apex Community Center in October!  At that time, we will need everyone to wear a mask to make this work but it will be great to be back together again.  We will also have the capability for members joining via Zoom if they feel more comfortable doing so. We are excited to get things rolling again!


Please register to help out with any of these on the website.  The contact person for each will also be on the website as well.

Open Arms Compassion MIssion. 

This new compassion mission will be for our Afghan Neighbors coming to the Triangle area soon. We want them to all feel welcomed and loved in our community. We will be assisting Welcome House Raleigh and the First Baptist Church of Raleigh in showing love and compassion to them.  Please spread the word for all to donate ANY SIZE gently used clothing, blankets, pillows, bedding, laundry items and kitchen items.  We will be happy to gather a team that can come and pick them up if needed OR you can drop off at anyof the the designated SHBHU drop areas below.

Clothing (ANY SIZES)
Bedding, Blankets and Pillows
Kitchen and Laundry Items
Gallon Ziploc bags filled with any of the following small or travel sized items
– soap, shampoo, deodorant, washcloth (new, not used) , comb/brush, facial tissue, shaving cream/razor, toothbrush, toothpaste
Amazon Wishlist

SHBHU Drop Off Areas
104 Ormsby Ct Cary NC
5716 Heatherstone Drive Raleigh, NC
1000 Oatney Ridge Ln, Morrisville, NC
1205 Twin Creek Rd Apex NC
113 W Camden Forest Dr, Cary NC
4108 Belnap Drive, Cary NC

Serving Smiles at Oak City Cares 

The SHBHU Serving Smiles team delivers bagged lunches to Oak City Cares. We try to make at least 150-200 lunches. We typically include a water, a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, chips, a fruit, and dessert! We also decorate the bags with compassionate notes on the outside. Here are the upcoming dates! Sign up on the SHBHU website to volunteer to help in lunch delivery line or make bagged lunches at home individually or with friends.

Sunday Sep 26, 2021
Sunday Oct 24, 2021
Sunday Nov 28, 2021
Sunday Dec 26, 2021

Helping Hands Compassion Mission for our Senior Citizens

SHBHU Ambassadors and Small Handers have formed a NEW Compassion Mission volunteer opportunity! Will you help them help our Partners at the SPCA of Wake County and also at Meals on Wheels? Did you know that for the 1 out of 4 seniors who live alone, their pets provide a vital source of love and companionship for them? For some of the Seniors in our area, their pets are the only family they may have! Did you know that the SPCA of Wake County supplies Meals on Wheels with pet food so that their furry companions receive the meals they need too! SHBHU Ambassadors and Small Handers have now formed a compassion mission to help out too!
There are 2 unique ways you can help!
#1 We will be packing breakfast bags for our Seniors in need in partnership with Meals on Wheels. If you can volunteer to pack and decorate any amount of breakfast bags that would be fantastic! If you would just like to donate the food items that is great too! Meals on Wheels are requesting a juicebox, a fruit, a package of instant oatmeal and a granola bar in each bag. DATE TO BE DETERMINED
#2 We also have here is a list of specific items the SPCA and Meals on Wheels are requesting for their Senior’s furry companions who bring them so much joy. See list below.
Lastly, we have also provided a list of accessible SHBHU family drop off locations if you would like to donate any of these items. Our hope is to make this compassion mission as accessible as ever so all can participate.

Needed SPCA items:
GIFT CARDS NEEDED! These can be in any amount at all! The SPCA says gift cards are ideal as they have little space to store donations.
Small breed dry dog food, All flavors, all brands *** 10-lb bags or smaller please!
Senior formula dry dog food, All flavors, all brands ***10-lb bags or smaller please!
ALS (All Life Stages) formula dry dog food, All flavors, all brands ***10-lb bags or smaller please!
Dental care type dog treats (Greenies Dental Bones preferred)
Clumping cat litter – any brands and any size!
DRY CAT FOOD, especially Purina Cat Chow DRY CAT FOOD (all sizes!)
Cat treats, especially Greenies!
Over-the-counter flea and tick preventative (for dogs and for cats)
Non-toxic pet shampoo and other grooming products (for dogs and for cats)
NEW CAT AND DOG TOYS. Big ones, little ones, squeaky ones, fluffy ones, ones that move and ones that have feathers.

104 Ormsby Ct Cary NC
5716 Heatherstone Drive Raleigh, NC
1000 Oatney Ridge Ln, Morrisville, NC
1205 Twin Creek Rd Apex NC
113 W Camden Forest Dr, Cary NC
4108 Belnap Drive, Cary NC

That is all for now!
Thank you; stay safe!
Ambassador Isabella

2021 SHBHU Nonprofits