The Compassion Thoughts below are from 21 Small Handers and Ambassadors in SHBHU… be inspired! This past weekend there was another beautiful opportunity to witness Small Handers and Ambassadors learn about so many great nonprofits at Couture for a Cause! SHBHU was a charity spotlight at the event. Thank you Activate Good for holding such wonderful event! These thoughts below were sent it to inspire Dani Gosha to design the BEAUTIFUL SHBHU Couture for a Cause runway outfits this weekend. These compassion quotes are the reasons why the entire Leadership team and all SHBHU parents work hard to do what they do to help provide ACCESSIBLE Compassion Missions to “nurture children’s instinctive compassion to others” Thank you Activate Good for helping so many nonprofits spread and support their mission!

14 year old Ambassador President Skylar
“I have cystic fibrosis and everybody helps me, so it’s my responsibility to give back to the community. As a Small Hands ambassador, I get to teach younger children that this is a way of life, this is how you should help.”

10 yr old Ambassador Jacob
“It makes me into a better, more helpful person, it helps show me how many people need my help, t shows me that one person can make a difference.”

6 year old Small Hander Avery
“It helps me understand why you should be helpful with the homeless and it makes me happy that I can help with the poor.”

11 year old Ambassador Macey
Joining Small Hands Big Hearts has really changed who I am today. I now appreciate everything more. I also get to help a lot more in the community. Being a part of this organization gives me more of an opportunity to work with many different people. I am glad that I joined Small Hands Big Hearts because it has overall made me a better person.”

10 year old Ambassador Maggie
“Small Hands Big Hearts gives me the chance to take care of the Earth because it is everybody’s home and to teach other people that it is important to protect animals.”

13 year old Ambassador Director Safiya
“When you have compassion for someone, you can place yourself in their shoes and really feel for them. Compassion is something we can all feel and together we can all make a difference to help those people who need us.”

10 year old Ambassador Jonas
“My heart and soul feel good when a customer walks up to my comic book stand because I know that the money will go to the poor and it makes me want to sell harder “.

4 year old Small Hander Sabine
“I love cookies and I love selling them to help other kids who don’t have a mommy or daddy.”

8 year old Small Hander Nigel
“SHBHU is cool because it helps poor people that live under bridges”10 year old Ambassador Shaughnessy
“Compassion is showing love, care, kindness, peace, and concern for others. If you’re a Small Hander, that’s what you do”.

10 year old Ambassador Sami
“Small Hands Big Hearts is a unique organization that allows children to help people in need. SHBHU gives us the opportunity to volunteer and show compassion to our world. My favorite compassion mission is collecting food for the food bank.”

8 year old Small Hander Peyton
“Small Hands Big Hearts United helps give food to people who are hungry by having food drives and serving food to the homeless. It makes me happy to help others.”

13 year old Ambassador Director Emma
“One of the main reasons I love Small Hands is because they allow me to be “me” all while volunteering for fun events in my community.”

11 year old Ambassador Molly
“Step by step each and every person can make a difference!”

11 year old Ambassador Lily
“Small Hands Big Hearts helps me to be able to let others know that some kids are different than others and might not be able to do what you can do. We need to treat them kindly.”
10 year old Ambassador Isabella
“We get to help the entire world in our own unique way.”

8 year old Small Hander Tony
“Small Hands Big Heart means to be caring, loving and kind to everybody no matter what”

7 year old Small Hander Mia
“Small Hands Big Hearts to be able to help those in Haiti because they are our friends and we love them even though we have never met them. I hope to someday though”.

12 year old Ambassador Justice
“Compassion is a type of feeling that you have when you care about someone else”

9 year old Small Hander Sydney
“Small Hands Big Hearts United allows everyone to just open your heart a little more.”

7 year old Small Hander Jackson
“Compassion means helping others by showing them goodness.This is what it means to me”.

10 year old Grace Kenney
“I like to volunteer with Small Hands Big Hearts because it is fun and it’s also good to know that you are helping people. I really enjoy knitting hats to send to newborn babies in Haiti so that they are warm and healthy. It is really cool to see how you can make an impact in the community and in people’s lives.”

9 year old Anella Kenney
“I like to be a part of Small Hands Big Hearts because we get to do fun crafts to help people in need, like knitting hats. I also like to collect food for families that are very hungry. I like to help out at the Java Jive fundraiser race.”