Flip Out for Skylar

Hi, our names are Emma and Lilly Murtaugh and Isabella Pease.  We are part of Small Hands Big Hearts United. We have an idea!  Will you join us?

What is the name of our project? “Flip Out for Skylar” – If you know Skylar you know she is so funny and is always laughing and flipping out over something.  That is why we love her!

Is this project fun? Of course it is fun. Who does not have fun in flip flops?

What would the Ambassadors and Small Handers be doing? We will be selling custom flip flops.  We will be Cobra Stitching over flip flops with dark blue, light blue and yellow paracord. These are the colors of the Cystic Fibrosis logo. We will start TODAY! We will make these flip flops, sell them, fundraise and recruit members to Skylar’s Striders” CFF Walk Team NOW UNTIL the Skylar Striders CFF WALK DAY on May 21st.  You can order your flip flops on the SHBHU facebook page,  Just leave a comment! We will all change into these flip flops from our tennis shoes afterwards on Skylar Striders Walk Day May 21st!

What kind of supplies would we need? All we would need is of course flip flops, paracord, charms and TEAM MEMBERS TO MAKE THE CUSTOM FLIP FLOPS!  The 2 charms we chosen are Skylar’s favorite and very meaningful to her. The 2 charms we will place on the flip flops are dragonfly’s and pinwheels.  The dragonfly she says is the symbol of freedom. The other charm is a pinwheel.  This is the symbol of CFF and the walk every year.  Each flip will cost around $3.70 to make and we will sell them for any size donation to Team Skylar Striders! Register to be on Skylar’s Team at this link below. https://fightcf.cff.org/site/TR/GreatStrides/11_Carolinas_Raleigh?pg=team&fr_id=5024&team_id=49465

How many people will we need to help? We need the WHOLE TRIANGLE! Emma and Lilly Chuman are the Lead Ambassadors.  Isabella is the Lead Small Hander. Anita Pease and Claire Murtaugh are the Lead Parents. So now all we need are more TEAM MEMBERS to make FLIP OUT for SKYLAR! Here are our samples from our flip flops we already own. We will make new ones or customize your old flips! Contact SHBHU if interested in having your Ambassador or Small Hander on this team or would like to be on Skylar’s walk team and volunteer on Skylar Striders Walk Day on May 21st.