Hello Fellow Ambassadors,

If you don’t know me, my name is Safiya Alvi. I am a Cary Academy Charger and I am the Ambassador Vice President in Small Hands Big Hearts United. Ambassador Tonya and I are leading an India Expansion Initiative within the Hearts and Hugs Across Borders Committee. For those of you who do not know, the HHAB committee focuses on compassion across borders. In just 3 years, we have touched the lives of others in the Philippines, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Thailand, Syria and now INDIA!  Tonya and I are basically merging our two Compassion Missions (“Techy Hearts for India” and “Eyeglasses for India”)  into one cause.

Tonya and I are starting this expansion off with ONE LARGE SHBHU fundraiser this Spring. We don’t have all of the details yet but we do have a few things in order already. We would love for you to be on our team and help us lead this great cause through 2017. Please send Tonya and I any ideas, questions or any thoughts you might have about the event. We would love for you to join us that day! Here is a little information on how these two Compassion Missions started!

Techy Hearts for India originated from a very heartfelt place. Tonya’s family visited India last year and they were all drawn to helping the children at the Brighter Futures School in New Delhi,India. Hi, I am Tonya Hakim, and i am 11 years old. I will be 12 in July. I want to be in SHBHU because it helps people who are in need of help and every one in Small Hands is caring. I want to help India because they need a lot of help. A lot of people there are living in a slum village and don’t get access to good things like we are. They need help and we can help them if we try.” Tonya’s family  collected many books for these children and raised $420 last year for the summer camp in India that these children go to. They wanted to continue raising money this year for these children in need.

By using SHBHU and it’s leadership/mentorship team as a resource, together we have acquired an amazing Partner named Christian Ebersol with Comcast Ventures! Mr. Ebersol will Co Lead with us in a LARGE 2017 fundraiser to raise $8000.00 for a new computer lab for these children at Brighter Futures!  Thank you Mr. Ebersol!  CLICK HERE to learn more about Mr. Ebersol and his experience at Brighter Futures and the amazing fundraiser he began. We are very excited to help reach the goal! Please be a part of this impactful partnership to help those in India and make a donation to help us reach the goal by the end of 2017!

“Eyeglasses for India” started in much the same way. I joined SHBHU about a year and a half ago and I have LOVED it. I first found SHBHU when I was looking up volunteer opportunities around the NC area. When I saw SHBHU, I was very interested because I saw how children from every part of NC of all ages came together to strive to make the world a better place. At that point, I was sold. Seeing and knowing that there are so many kids my age, old and younger, were trying to do the same thing as I was, and were succeeding because everyone had each other’s back, drew me into SHBHU even more. I recently completed a project called Socks 4 Syria where I successfully raised over 2000 pairs of socks for Syrian refugees, and I couldn’t have done it without SHBHU. They had my back they whole time and were constantly helping me out no matter what. I have recently started a project called Eyeglasses for India where I am collecting eyeglasses for disadvantaged people in India. I was specifically interested in working with the India Expansion group not only because I am from India and have family there, but because my family started an orphanage and I want to help them and others in their situation as much as I can. I know that India is a very disadvantaged country in some places including where my family is and I know that I have an obligation to help them and everyone else out. That is why I am so interested and excited to lead the India Expansion Mission with Ambassador Tonya. Overall, SHBHU is an amazing organization that I respect and enjoy and I suggest other kids all over NC to join and become a part of our caring and loving family.

Spring Car Wash Fundraiser Plan of Action so far:

  • Sunday April 23rd 1-4pm Raleigh Orthopedic is OUR HOST AND IN KIND FACILITY SPONSOR
  • We are also planning to have a BAKE SALE that weekend in the parking lot during the car wash. The price of a sweet will be either a pair of old eyeglasses or a donation for “Techy Hearts for India” campaign. Tonya and I are currently working out rotational shifts for volunteers to be a part of it all! We are also thinking of more marketing ideas and other ways to raise money/eyeglasses. Do you guys have any ideas? CLICK HERE FOR THE SIGN UP GENIUS we created! 
  • The last thing we were planning on having is just a general eyeglasses Drop Off Spot in the parking lot  in addition to everything else that day. We have acquired 4 MrEyeDr Optometrist Offices with  that have kindly sponsored this fundraiser and allowing drop off boxes at front desk in their offices.  Here is the list of those locations if you can stop buy and drop off those used eyeglasses that are just laying around your home or bring to the CAR WASH on Sunday! Thank you so much for your help!
  • 3214 Charles B. Root Wynd Ste 120
  • 800 W Williams St. (apex)
  • 3603 Davis Drive (Morrisville)
  • 8231 Brier Creek Pkwy


Safiya Alvi

Ambassador Passing The Torch VIce President