Socks 4 Syria Compassion Project – 2000…yes…2000 socks collected in this Ambassador LED Compassion Mission! Great job Lead Ambassador Safiya!

Hi, my name is Safiya Alvi. I am here to present an idea I had for SHBHU. I have learned that there are many Syrian refugees here who have only one way to get around, by foot and I think that we all can help these refugees. In the U.S, the demand for socks in the homeless community is highest out of any other type of clothing so socks are needed in the general population in the U.S. I also found out that because of this demand, last year Hanes donated 200,000 socks to homeless shelters. If we could use social media to bring attention to this, we could have sock drives for clean and unworn socks and maybe even contact Hanes and other sock companies to see if they could sponsor us and possibly donate some socks to us as well. Once we have enough socks, we could all get together to color and make designs on the socks using fabric markers and other fabric designers. Once those are ready, we could arrange overseas transport (shipping) to give the handmade socks to people in Syria who need them. Would you like to be on my team?  Presently, Safiya’s team is hanging custom bags they made at the last meeting on doorknobs in various neighborhoods and collecting socks with proposal attached. Contact SHBHU for more information on how to have your Ambassador or Small Hander on Ambassador Safiya’s team.

Check my website for my project here:


Ambassador Safiya Alvi
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