Hello SHBHU Families! It’s Ambassador Director Emma M!
I hope you are all having a great year so far! We have some exciting news! More compassionate sparks have been ignited by Small Handers and Ambassadors in the Triangle community. Their hearts have been drawn to a very special and impactful nonprofit, Note in the Pocket.  These Lead SHBHU families want to continue to grow the present SHBHU Compassion Mission, Compassionate Closets in our Hearts to Smiles committee. As you all know, this was started when Small Handers and Ambassadors organized a clothing drive for those impacted by Hurricane Florence. What better way to continue that compassion and partner with Note in the Pocket! NITP’s mission is amazing!  “Providing clothing to impoverished and homeless school children in Wake County with dignity and love.”
Check out here the video link.  they provided us.
Like with out other nonprofits partners, they are giving us additional SHBHU volunteer opportunities for us to place on our SHBHU Core Calendar for all of the Triangle community. They agree with us that children are instinctively compassionate, and that we need to nurture that. We need to help make volunteering accessible to all in every way we possibly can. So much like our Compassion Missions at Oak City Cares, Ronald McDonald House, and the CPO Food Pantry, we have created another core calendar SHBHU volunteer day for Note in the Pocket.
This on-site volunteer opportunity will be for Ambassadors 12 years of age and older.  You will be sorting out clothes and creating “mini wardrobes” in unique sizes for multiple children in need and placing loving notes in the pockets! 🙂 Unfortunately, but understandable, NITP can only offer this specific volunteer opportunity to those 12 years of age and older.
    • Your volunteer time for your designated SHBHU group is from 10:30-12:30at our Volunteer Center located at 5100 Lacy Avenue, Raleigh 27609. Lacy Avenue is a side street off Millbrook Road between Old Wake Forest Rd and Atlantic Avenue. It is a white building with black awnings.
    • Parking is very limited and we suggest that people carpool (there is parking behind the building if necessary)
    • Since we have this unique partnership with NITP, everyone who is participating will ALSO need to register online on the SPECIFIC NOTE IN THE POCKET site as a new volunteer  (if they do not register they cannot participate. Everyone should wear closed toed shoes. You also need to register on the SHBHU site. It only all takes a couple of minutes.
    • Please have new volunteers register at leastthree days beforetheir scheduled event.
    Here is the Lin:  https://noteinthepocket.org/get-involved/volunteer=
    • SHBHU makes every act of kindness accessible to children of all ages.  So, if there are some Ambassadors and Small Handers who can’t make the actual volunteer day becuase of age or logistics, you can STILL be involved.
    • Others can lead a SHBHU neighborhood clothing summer collection drives, fundraisers,SHBHU neighborhood car washes, bake sale, etc etc. SHBHU will assist you in all of this if you would like. Contact us!  The Ambassadors who are registered to volunteer on the specific NITP SHBHU Compassionate Closet days can deliver the funds raised and/or clothing collected that day FOR YOU! Just message SHBHU with the pick up location! It takes about $140 per child and $700 for 5 students to create these mini-wardrobes of clothes and love in their unique size.
    • UPCOMING FALL EVENT! SHBHU will be discussing with NITP about organizing a large OFF-SITE HOLIDAY Mobile Volunteer SHBHU Clothing Drive closer to the Thanksgiving and Christmas. This will be similar to Stop Hunger Now/Rise Against Hunger’s format. You can see what this is all about below. We hopefully can partner in compassion with our partners at Green Hope High School, Peak Charter Academy, Thales Academy and Panther Creek when this time comes.SEE LINK HERE. https://noteinthepocket.org/mobile-volunteer-program/
Ambassador Director Emma Murtaugh