UPCOMING HOLIDAY COMPASSION MISSIONS! We are building “Bookshelves Full of Love” JOIN US!

IMPACT PROPOSAL for “Bookshelves Full of Love” Mission of Read and Feed - to strengthen literacy skills among under-served elementary school children and provide meals in a nurturing neighborhood Hold Year Round SHBHU Book Drives  - This team will volunteer to collect books at all Compassion Meetings and any other event we organize as we do with food donations.  Volunteer- This team will volunteer for Read and Feed year round Book Drives to pass out books to children in need like we did at Wake Forest last year.  Mobile Classrooms -This team will volunteer to clean up READ and FEED […]


HOLIDAY MISSIONS GOING ON NOW~ Bags of Love and a Toy Drive! Join us!

164 "Holiday BAGS of Love" for the children Dove Youth Development are personally tagged with each childs name and age and ready to be distributed in the SHBHU Community! Thank you to all those who have already picked up their bundle to fill with love! Let us know if you would like to fill a few as well! Deadline to SHIP is coming fast - DECEMBER 1st! We are also asking for a $5 donation this year alongside each bag to help with shipping fees. Thank you in advance! Join us in the 2023 SHBHU HOLIDAY TOY DRIVE for children […]