Thanks to all the SHBHU Families who came out to help Skylar and her Skylar’s Striders CFF Walk!

Thank you to all the SHBHU Families who volunteers at Ambassador Skylar's Skylar's Striders CFF Walk May 21st! It was an amazing day!  Thanks to all those SHBHU Families who helped out, walked and ran in the race.  Please help us continue to help Skylar the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation  throughout the year find a cure for this disease!  If you have a compassionate idea you would like to present in order to raise money to fight CFF let us know!  Flip out for Skylar custom flips project will be an ongoing project as well!  Let us know [...]

Sock 4 Syria Results are in! 2000 Socks collected!

Socks 4 Syria Compassion Project - 2000...yes...2000 socks collected in this Ambassador LED Compassion Mission! Great job Lead Ambassador Safiya! Hi, my name is Safiya Alvi. I am here to present an idea I had for SHBHU. I have learned that there are many Syrian refugees here who have only one way to get around, by foot and I think that we all can help these refugees. In the U.S, the demand for socks in the homeless community is highest out of any other type of clothing so socks are needed in the general population in the [...]

Flip Out for Skylar

Flip Out for Skylar Hi, our names are Emma and Lilly Murtaugh and Isabella Pease.  We are part of Small Hands Big Hearts United. We have an idea!  Will you join us? What is the name of our project? "Flip Out for Skylar" - If you know Skylar you know she is so funny and is always laughing and flipping out over something.  That is why we love her! Is this project fun? Of course it is fun. Who does not have fun in flip flops? What would the Ambassadors and Small Handers be doing? We will be [...]

Expand SHBHU Chapter Cheer

Expand SHBHU Chapter Cheer Lead Ambassador Bailee Small Hands Big Hearts United Ambassador Bailee has teamed up other Ambassadors to expand the SHBHU Chapter Cheer Compassion Mission at the Ronald McDonald House in Chapel Hill. This team will be collecting supplies that are needed on a daily basis. Below is a list of items most needed for short and long term stay patrons.  These families are dealing with a crisis of a child and sometimes the need for the simplest item to them is urgent. Hopefully these Ambassadors, along with your help, can alleviate a few small [...]

Annual Java Jive Jog 10k/5k

Annual Java Jive Jog 10k/5k Date: August 13th, 2016 8:00am Location:  Java Jive  Cary, NC Designated Charity: Small Hands Big Hearts United Become a Sponsor PLATINUM SPONSOR  $500 4 Race Entries Company logo showcased on the race t-shirts and race packet flyer to communicate your support of the SHBHU mission Company logo included on race day banner displayed at Java Jive 6 days prior to race and on race day Company recognition at post race refreshment tables (banner, signage and table cloth provided by company) Company recognition as a Platinum Sponsor during winner and prize announcements on Main [...]

Ambassador “Passing the Torch” Committee

Ambassador "Passing the Torch" Committee Ambassador “Passing the Torch” Committee Mission The SHBHU  “Ambassador Passing the Torch” Committee is made up of inspiring Ambassadors (10-17 years old)  throughout the Triangle.  These Ambassadors are a vital part of the SHBHU mission and fulfill the mission is a very special way.  They mentor and lead the Small Handers in every Compassion Mission throughout the year and also propose their own independent Anytime Activities / Fundraising Causes.  The SHBHU Ambassadors are wonderful examples of what it means to continue to show compassion as you grow older in order to create the [...]