Hi! My name is Sami Tiernan and I am 14 years old. I am a part of the Small Hands Big Hearts United organization. The organization is a legit non-profit organization which contributes to many different issues in the world. We are a large group of people from the Raleigh (NC) area. Many people suffer from being homeless. Did you know over 9,000 people suffer from homelessness JUST in North Carolina. Over 553,743 are homeless right now in America and are in need of necessities like blankets and food. I serve at Oak City Cares which gives food, access to wash machines, showers, and health care to the less fortunate. When I serve, all the people there are so happy just to receive food and to see young faces. I really like serving there because I get to make people’s day and life a little better. My family and I have donated old clothes and many other toys and stuffed animals to little kids and adults who are in need of clothing. I have noticed that not many sleeping bags or blankets are donated to Oak City and I have always wanted to donate some that are reliable and wonderful. 

I found out about your product from shark tank and thought your product is awesome considering you are doing our biosphere a favor. I myself am an environmental person, in fact I am planning on going into environmental science when I grow up . When I saw your product I thought of this amazing idea that could benefit the less fortunate. I have done some research on your product and really like that plastic bottles are turned into comfy blankets. I also enjoy the many other non-profit organizations that it supports and gives to. Why do I want to buy your product and not the other cheaper options? Well I like that your product is made from plastic bottles which really helps our ecosystem. I also like that your product is durable for dirt, pet hair, and is weather resistant. Your product also is lightweight for traveling and is perfect size for one person to use. I am also a big fan of the fact that you can wear the blanket and the creative designs. 

The product itself is a bit pricey for one blanket. I want to buy a lot of blankets but they aren’t as affordable as I want them to be. I am going to raise money to purchase these blankets but I was wondering if there could be a discount or deal made with Small Hands Big Hearts United. We would love to partner with you and your product in order to help the ecosystem and the community of NC.