Ambassador Director Commitment and Responsibility

Small Hands Big Hearts United “Passing the Torch” Ambassador Committee Triangle Youth 10-17 years of age The “Passing the Torch” Ambassador Committee allows the older youth in SHBHU to make larger scale fundraisers and impacts locally and globally for causes they are specifically passionate about.  Ambassadors will independently and proactively utilize SHBHU as a resource to propose, organize and lead independent “Campaigns” throughout the year. This committee specifically supports the Ambassador’s independent initiative and is a key dimension to the SHBHU mission.  Ambassadors will acquire fundamental leadership, fundraising, and marketing skills. All the while, continuing their biggest impact in SHBHU [...]


  Ambassador Social Media and Marketing Team Responsibilities Description Social Media and Marketing Ambassador Director  (SMMAD) - ONE OPEN LEAD POSITION You must also commit to being an Ambassador Director.  CONTACT SHBHU for Ambassador Director Contract commitments.  The "SMMAD" will need to oversee the entire Ambassador marketing team: You will be ultimately responsible for leading and organizing this team. The "SMMAD" MUST send a bi-monthly Check In Email: (every 2 weeks). Promotional Table Obligation x 2 x in 2017 Oversee Spotlight Interviews - The Ambassador Marketing Team will begin performing interviews /spotlights over the phone, via email and/or even sometimes [...]

SHBHU is expanding Hearts and Hugs Across Borders into India!

Hello Fellow Ambassadors, If you don’t know me, my name is Safiya Alvi. I am a Cary Academy Charger and I am the Ambassador Vice President in Small Hands Big Hearts United. Ambassador Tonya and I are leading an India Expansion Initiative within the Hearts and Hugs Across Borders Committee. For those of you who do not know, the HHAB committee focuses on compassion across borders. In just 3 years, we have touched the lives of others in the Philippines, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Thailand, Syria and now INDIA!  Tonya and I are basically merging our two Compassion Missions ("Techy Hearts [...]

Compassion Thoughts…….

Thoughts from Ambassador Safiya... Compassion (com-pas-sion) /noun: Sympathetic pity and concern for the suffering or misfortunes of others (definition). Yes, this is the straight forward definition of compassion, but the feeling of compassion, the action of being compassionate to others, can spread many horizons. When you have compassion for someone, you can place yourself in their shoes and really feel for them. Showing compassion can be volunteering to help those who suffered something tragic, or raising awareness for a cause. It can even be as simple thinking and feeling in your heart for others. Compassion is something we can all [...]

Ambassador Passing the Torch Eyeglasses for India Campaign led by Ambassador Director Safiya

Read below on just ONE of the ways you can be part of the Hearts and Hugs Across Borders India Expansion Initiative in 2017! Hi, my name is Safiya Alvi and I am 13 years old. I would like to help the people in India specifically with their sight. Not too long ago, me and my family went to India to visit some distant relatives and a couple years back, my family started an orphanage/school there. When I was interviewing one of the teachers, they mentioned how there are so many people with great potential but they don’t have the [...]